protecting you and your family

We protect our cars and holidays, but perhaps forget to protect the most important person, ourselves.

Life is uncertain but you can get peace of mind that should the unexpected happen you and your family can cope financially.

We put together a plan for you, explaining how best to protect your family’s standard of living.

We can also help you if your concern is to protect your savings from HMRC, to ensure your family receives more of your hard-earned wealth should you die.

Please see our information on inheritance tax planning.

Let us share some of our time with you and you will receive a personal plan explaining what is best for you.

If you’re looking for more information right now then please read on.

These are some of the facts we take into account when developing a personal plan for you.

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Can I ensure my family still get a monthly income if I die?

In short yes. You have a choice of a policy which would pay out one lump sum which your family could draw on each year. Alternatively a Family Income Benefit policy would pay out a monthly or annual income.

At Sapphire Financial Planning we look at all your options and advise you on your personal circumstance.

How much money would be needed?

In making a personal plan for you we take into account if there would be any loans, including mortgages, that would ideally need to be paid off, and how much income your family would need. Everybody has different circumstances and we also look at the ages of your family to assess how long an income would be needed for.

At Sapphire Financial Planning we look at all your options and advise you on your personal circumstance.

What is critical illness cover and would it be more appropriate for me?

This is a policy which would pay a lump sum to you if you were diagnosed with a critical illness covered by the policy. This would allow you to decide how best to use the money. Perhaps paying off any mortgage or loans, or using the money to replace any income if you decided to take time off work. There are no restrictions on how you use the money, from paying taxi fares to hospital or an exotic holiday abroad.

At Sapphire Financial Planning we look at all your options and advise you on your personal circumstance.

How much would it cost?

This depends on a range of things including how much cover you would need, for how long, how old you are and whether you’ve had any health issues in the past.

We are able to provide cost illustrations individual to your needs from the full St. James’s Place panel of recognised named insurers, so you have peace of mind you have the cover you need at a cost you can afford

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